Conductive Inkjet Inks

Conductive Inks for Electronic Circuitry

With formulations for both Epson and Dimatix (Fuji) printheads, the unique combination of high silver loading, high conductivity, low sintering temperature, low viscosity and long shelf life places it well ahead of its competition in today’s market. Lever Colors’ conductive inks are specially designed for stable and consistent performance on porous substrates and some polymer films. Our conductive inks are eco-friendly, water based nano particle inks formulated to be self sintering. Proprietary chemical sintering agents are use to produce immediate electrical conductivity. Uses and applications include keypads, flex circuits and membrane switches. Use for displays include signs, monitors, disposables, electro-luminescent lamps, conductive LCD and e-paper. Other applications include RFID’s for smart cards, passports, ID cards, asset tracking, touch devices, medical diagnostics, toys, collector grids, identification, anti-counterfeiting, tracking, sequential serialization and inkjet printed antibacterials (silver is a natural biocide).

Performance Properties

Individual inks can be customized to the following specifications:

Resistivity Micro ohm-cm 4.4 – 6.4
Sheet resistance milliOhm/Square 55 – 90
Bulk conductivity Rho Film/Bulk Ag 2.9 – 4.2 dd

Typical Applications

  • RFID Antennas
  • Flexible Electronic Circuits
  • Printed LED Strings and Arrays