Pigment Dispersions/Dyes For Paper


Lever Colors’ line of basic dyes carry consistent high quality standards from batch to batch. Our dye formulations have long been proven in many challenging newsprint production environments. We have the capability of customizing formulations and dyes to match the exact color you need.

As a manufacturer of paper products, what do your customers expect from you? Among many things, your customers do not want to worry about their dyes not performing to the highest of standards.

Simply put, if your dyes do not perform, it becomes a direct reflection of your company, which is then passed down to your customers and ultimately, their clients.

Our line consists of many colors. If you do not see the specific color shade you are looking for, please contact us.

Best Service, Quality and Price

Lever Colors selection of colorants has been tailored mostly toward the newsprint industry. Our philosophy is that size and amount of sales is not synonymous with quality.

Lever Colors is confident that when we make a product, it will be consistent and perform as expected for you. We successfully provide rapid turnaround and exceptional service.

Basic Dye Shades List

  • Basic Violet 1 (MKF)
  • Basic Violet 3 (MKF)
  • Basic Violet 4
  • Basic Red 14
  • Basic Red 49
  • Basic Black Mix
  • Basic Green 4
  • Basic Green 1
  • Basic Yellows- Please Inquire
  • Other Colors/Shades Available Upon Request


Lever Colors manufacturers resinated and surfactant aqueous pigment dispersions in many colors. Our Cylco, Cylcotone and Cylcosperse brands include the following pigments:

Pigment Yellow 14 Liquid

Pigment Blue 14 Liquid

Pigment Blue 15 Liquid

Pigment Violet 3 Liquid

Pigment Green 7 Liquid

Pigment Red 81 Liquid

Pigment Black 7 liquid

Acid Black II Liquid

Please contact us if the pigment you are searching for is not listed. We can custom formulate to your requirements.