Specialty & Custom Colorants

In addition to toll manufacturing, we also offer custom pigment dispersions for coatings and ink manufacturing companies. Our equipment is designed for producing high quality water based dispersions. Working together with clients to develop custom quality products is an important part of our business and business relationship. We have an extensive knowledge base to draw from in the development and manufacture of many different resinated and surfactant based pigment dispersions.

Toll Manufacturing

Lever Colors, Inc. has the ability to Toll Manufacture aqueous pigment dispersions and liquid dye concentrates. Using our Toll Manufacturing capabilities we can formulate pigments and dyes depending upon our customer specifications and end use requirements. We adhere to specific guidelines depending upon industry requirements. For example, if the products use is in Paper or Agriculture, following proper CFR guidelines for either industry is essential. Our manufacturing equipment allows us to make a wide assortment of coloring products at an affordable price. Once establishing a standard, subsequent batches are made with the same ingredients and methodology as the original standard. Any future changes that are made are first discussed with the customer.