Welcome to Lever Colors, Inc.

Lever Colors, is focused on providing toll manufacturing and offering products support to colorant companies across the globe.

Toll Manufacturing

With the ability to toll manufacture we can help your company reach goals big or small.


As a manufacturer, we understand our responsibility in doing our part to curve our effect on the environment. For us, being sustainable is two-fold: limiting processes so that the least amount of resources are being used, while also giving back to the environment to help offset our carbon footprint.

About Our Company

Lever Colors, established in 1936, started its business supporting the US government with ballistic dyes. As in 1936, we remain US owned and privately held by the Lever family. Our President, Scott Lever, is the great grandson of the founder.

The Lever family commitment to: service, detail and craftsmanship has allowed Lever to survive and today we are proud to support many colorant companies across the US and beyond.

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