Welcome to Lever Colors, Inc.

Lever Colors, Inc. is a US owned manufacturer and formulator of domestically produced water based pigmented inkjet ink dispersions, basic dyes, aqueous pigment dispersions for both the paper and adhesive market, sublimation inks, conductive inks for circuitry, as well as turf, mulch and rock salt colorants.  Since 1936 Lever Colors has provided constant attention to detail and our superb craftsmanship is the hallmark of all of Lever Colors’ diverse product line.

We Are Your Partner.

Our understanding of constantly emerging technology surrounding all aspects of the industry has genuine benefits for our customers. Lever understands what you do. We are not just a vendor, product or price of a product.

In many ways your company is a reflection of the resources you rely on, day in and day out. When your customers look at you, what do they see?