CylcoJet Premium Aqueous Pigmented Inkjet Dispersions

Formulating for Digital

Lever Colors understands that digital printing is a fast growing and demanding industry. We’ve taken every measure to ensure that our inkjet colorants meet these exacting standards.

Available Pigments

  • All colorants are filtered using state of the art membrane filtration technology (narrow particle size distribution)
  • Compatible with all aqueous inkjet formulations and additives
  • Stable, high color saturation, light-fast formulations
  • Applications for use in water based inks include textiles, posters, photography, marking and coding, labels, billboards and packaging
  • Excellent optical density and print definition
  • Cylcojet Blue 15:3, 15:0 & 15:4 Liquid
  • Cylcojet Blue 60 Liquid
  • Cylcojet Brown 25 Liquid
  • Cylcojet Red 122 Liquid Blue or Yellow Shade
  • Cylcojet Black 7 Liquid
  • Cylcojet Violet 19 Liquid Blue or Yellow Shade
  • Cylcojet Yellow 74 & 155 Liquid
  • Cylcojet Orange 34 & 43 Liquid
  • Cylcojet White 6 Liquid
  • Cylcojet Green 7 & 36
  • Pigment Blue 15:3, 15:0 & 15:4
  • Pigment Blue 60
  • Pigment Brown 25
  • Pigment Red 122
  • Pigment Black 7
  • Pigment Violet 19
  • Pigment Yellow 74 & 155
  • Pigment Orange 34 & 43
  • Pigment White 6
  • Pigment Green 7 & 36

Printers and Printheads

The printers and printheads that have been found to be compatible with Lever Colors’ aqueous pigmented inkjet dispersions are: Epson ME+, ME30, C110, C120, Epson Stylus Photo 1400, 2200, R1900, Epson Workforce 40, 310, 500, 600, Epson Stylus PRO 4800, 7800, 9800, 7880, 9980; DX 4, DX5, DX6 and DX7 printhead printers; Ricoh GX 700, 7700; Mimaki JV4, JV33; Roland FP-640, FP740; Mutoh RJ900.

Applications and Attributes

Fully compatible with conventional water based, latex and resin water-based inks. CylcoJet dispersions offer a “greener” alternative to solvents, reactive ingredients with less hazardous materials. Inkjet pigment dispersions are nano particle sized dispersions based on a unique and proprietary stabilization technique that delivers superior print performance, stability and versatility to the inkjet dispersions developer. They can be used in the following applications:

Inkjet Dispersions

With an average particle size of less than 100 nm these preparations are well suited for producing consistent and reliable water based inkjet dispersions for desktop and wide format printers.

Conventional Printing Inks

In gravure and flexographic printing inks, adding up to 5% of nano grade pigment dispersions has the added advantage of increasing the tinting strength, color saturation and gloss beyond what most conventional dispersions do. This is the most cost effective way to add color strength with the smallest of additions.

Paints and Coatings

In paints and costings, adding small amounts of nano grade pigment dispersions can improve the color saturation and widen the color gamut.

Textile Printing

Digital textile printing is rapidly growing in the garment industry. The use of nano particle sized pigment dispersions offers excellent color and wash fastness over traditional dye based inks.

Formulating Attributes for CylcoJet Inkjet Dispersions

  • Excellent jetability
  • High surface tension
  • High light and heat stability
  • Low viscosity
  • Very good quality consistency
  • High speed office printing

Service and Know-How

No matter what your project is, our customer specific solutions are there to be your resource. If you are looking for a special solution or simply need assistance in finishing a formulation, talk to us. We can help you with starting point formulations as well as customized projects, all of which are supported by our development team.